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Green Bins - 6m³

Green Bins - 6m³

If you are a contractor for various renovation projects, then you probably know how unsightly it is to see piles of rubbish left unattended due to overwhelming work. But if only you consider hiring skip bins, your rubbish will be the last thing to worry about at the end of each working day.

Since skip bins are capable of holding large amounts of rubbish coming from discarded construction materials, old furniture and appliances, and even trimmings from plants and trees, they make it easier for every construction project to manage daily waste.

But how do you know what skip bin size to hire? Choosing the most suitable skip bin size can be challenging if you don’t know what to consider. If you’re still undecided about which size you’re going to hire, here are some things you might want to think about:

Type of waste

Amount of waste

Availability of an area where you can put the skip bin

Budgetary requirements

How long do you need the skip bin

If skip bins are allowed in your neighbourhood

Once you determined these things, it will become easy for you to choose the perfect skip bin size. It would help to check out the 6m³ skip bin, the most popular skip bin size for commercial use.

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What is a 6m³ skip bin?

What is a 6m³ skip bin?

The 6m³ skip bin is a relatively larger bin with a dimension of 3.7 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width, and 1.2 meters in height. Best utilised for commercial use, it can hold up to 42 wheelie bins or 6 trailers of rubbish. This bin is the best fit for plumbers, builders, and renovators who are looking for sizable bins for large wastes such as old furniture and fixtures, tubing, and other household waste.

Reasons why a 6m³ skip bin is perfect for site clearance

Reasons why a 6m³ skip bin is perfect for site clearance

If you are a homeowner or a worker in the field of construction or minor renovations, the 6m³ skip bin may just be the right bin for you! The following are just a few reasons why that might be the case:

⦁ It is ideal for decluttering the garage.

Over the years, you may have bought things that you thought you needed but they somehow ended up boxed in your garage. Good thing the 6 cubic meter skip bin size is big enough for decluttering things you no longer need. It’s also the right size for throwing away old unrepairable appliances like your dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators.

⦁ It is good for tenant clean-ups.

When you’re not a homeowner yet and you are moving to a new place, you may have done a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects on your rental property. At the end of your tenancy, you may find yourself gauging out a lot of those DIYs and throwing them out. The 6m³ skip will help you with your deep cleaning, carrying all the rubbish in just one go

⦁ It is useful in cleaning up outdoor waste.

The 6m³ skip bin can carry multiple types of waste such as green waste, mixed waste, and mixed rubble. Given its size, it can surely take up medium to large-sized items in need of disposal. Since it is heavy-duty and spacious, it can hold up to a week of rubbish produced by residential or commercial spaces.

⦁ It is great for renovations.

If you’re a renovator or a homeowner who likes to do their own renovations at home, the 6 cubic meter skip may be good for you especially if these renovations require moving large pieces of rubbish like an old shed, countertops, and defective appliances. Whether you want to recycle them, sell them, or dispose of them, skip bins come to the rescue to help you move these from one area to another.

⦁ Demolition activities will be easier

When conducting demolition activities, various huge and heavy waste needs to be removed and thrown away. With the dimensions of a 6m³ skip bin, it can take in building and demolition site waste, such as bricks, tiles, sand, and timber. So, if you work in construction or demolition companies, you might want to consider getting a 6m³ skip bin to make your work easier and less hassle.

Do's and Dont's when using a 6m³ skip bin

Do's and Dont's when using a 6m³ skip bin

Even though skip bins look like they don’t require much maintenance, there are still limitations as to what we can or cannot do when we have hired one. Aside from ensuring the maximum functionality of each skip bin, we should also make sure we are compliant when it comes to the rules and regulations of proper waste disposal and environmental protection. With this, the following must still be taken into consideration:


Categorise your waste accordingly. Put them into smaller containers and sort them out.

Wear protective gear (gloves, eye protection) when moving rubbish.

Ask for help when carrying heavy items.

Even though a 6m³ skip bin is heavy-duty, still be mindful of the waste you’re putting in order to maximise its functionality.


Avoid dumping your rubbish all over the place.

Don’t throw your rubbish, it can potentially hurt you or those around you.

Steer clear from throwing items that are not recommended for the skip bin.

Don’t attempt to carry the filled skip bin on your own.

FAQs Before Hiring a Skip Bin

Skip bins may seem to serve only one purpose – to handle our rubbish – but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to their variations, the types of waste they can carry, and their capacity. Here are the most commonly asked questions about hiring skip bins that may help you in making a decision about which skip bin size and type to hire:

⦁ How much waste are you planning to dispose of?
⦁ How much are you willing to spend on hiring a skip bin?
⦁ What items are you planning on throwing or disposing of?
⦁ Do you think you’re going to be needing a skip bin for a long time?
⦁ Will your neighbours be okay with seeing skip bins on the side of the road?
⦁ How wide is the available space in your property where you can put the skip bin?

Skip bin size and type don’t just rely solely on preference; you should carefully determine the answers to these questions and start narrowing down your list until you come up with only one skip bin size and type to address your needs.

As for the 6 cubic meter skip bin, it is designed to accommodate moderate to heavy rubbish in commercial or industrial settings. It’s perfect if you are planning on doing some remodelling or renovation of your shop or office as it can carry six cubic meters of rubbish which can include green waste, construction waste, and discarded furniture or appliances.

Hire 6m³ Skip Bin Adelaide

Have you been looking for the perfect skip bin provider that will not only address your waste disposal concerns but also help you practice efficient waste management? Worry no more, Green Skip Bins is here to help! With our exceptional services that are patterned and based on environmental standards and guidelines, your safety and valuable contribution to effective waste management are guaranteed. You can segregate your waste, but certainly, we will be happy to do it for you — all you have to do is inform our staff during your skip bin’s pick-up schedule. Green Skip Bins offers different sizes of skip bins for all types of waste. Our company also offers the finest services that you have been meaning to experience. From placing, collecting, and transporting the skip bin, our trained staff will already take care of everything. With the Green Skip Bins’ flexible team, we can accommodate both personal and business waste disposal concerns. You only need to do three things: coordinate with our team, identify the skip bin size that you need, and wait for it to be placed in your identified area. Should you have other inquiries regarding the skip bin sizes that we offer here at Green Skip Bins, please feel free to contact us so you will be assisted by our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional team. In addition, you might also want to connect with us to know the areas covered by our delivery option. Likewise, our experts will be happy to inform you of the actual process that’s going to take place once you’ve decided to hire a 6m³ skip bin in Adelaide for your waste disposal concerns.

Don’t wait any longer! Give us a call and wait for your skip bins later!

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