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All You Need to Know About Waste Fill for Skips

All You Need to Know About Waste Fill for Skips

The general rule for waste management: different waste types go in separate skips to be efficiently and effectively processed and sorted.

If garden waste can go in green waste skips, where will your soil waste go? Can you mix soil with timber, grass clippings and trunks? These are common questions we often hear from new clients who are passionate gardeners. If you are wondering whether you can put soil waste in a skip, the answer is yes, but not in our green waste skips.

While all other skips can hold numerous types of waste, our waste fill skips can only take one, and that is soil or dirt. Nothing else. It doesn't matter if it comes from doing a garden makeover, a home renovation or a construction project.

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What Can Go in Waste Fill Skips

What Can Go in Waste Fill Skips

Soil Or Dirt

can easily mix with other types of waste, which waste facilities for recycling don't allow, especially if the soil is contaminated with hazardous materials. Hence, we are very specific with using a separate skip bin for soil to ensure that green waste, household rubbish materials, construction waste and other waste materials of value are recycled and repurposed.


What Can’t Go In Waste Fill Skips

What Can’t Go In Waste Fill Skips

As mentioned above, if you hire our waste fill skips, you cannot fill it with any other waste but soil or dirt. We have four other classifications of skip bins Adelaide—general waste skips, mixed heavy skips, hard fill skips and green waste skips—to ensure proper disposal of different types of waste. Specified below are top restrictions when using our waste fill skips:

  • No concrete/bricks/tiles
  • No liquid waste
  • No food waste
  • No turf or vegetation
  • No asbestos
  • No general waste

Why using a Skip Bin Provider is the Best Solution for Proper Disposal of Soil Waste

Why using a Skip Bin Provider is the Best Solution for Proper Disposal of Soil Waste

You may have seen other people dump their soil waste just anywhere to save money instead of driving to the local rubbish tip or using a skip bin. This method of disposing of soil waste might harm the environment.

We know that getting rid of soil waste from your gardening project is a tiresome and dirty process, but if you want to achieve a successful clean-up, not only in your own yard but in the neighborhood, prioritising proper disposal of soil should be considered. And what better way to ensure to get rid of soil waste easily, quickly, and in an environment-friendly way than hiring a reliable skip bin provider?

If you are in Adelaide and looking for a trusted, professional skip bin hire provider to take care of your soil removal problem, Green Skip Bins is ready for your call.

Getting our skip hire services for your construction or gardening project will also save you multiple trips to the local rubbish tip. No matter how much soil or dirt you want to get rid of, our waste fill skips can handle this type of waste safely and efficiently,

Don't hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly experts to assist you with your skip bin needs. You can also visit our FAQ page to get answers to your questions about our skip bin hire services in Adelaide.


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