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Green Bins - 8m³

Green Bins - 8m³

Skip bins are an innovative solution for collecting and disposing of large volumes of waste. They come in a range of sizes and types of waste to accommodate, making them perfect for both residential and commercial use. They are also designed to make the process of filling up your skip less messy, more streamlined, and more efficient, that is if you have chosen the right size of skip bin.
But how do you know what skip bin size to hire? Choosing the most suitable skip bin size can be challenging if you don’t know what to consider. If you’re still undecided about which size you’re going to hire, here are some things you might want to think about:

Type of waste

Amount of waste

Availability of an area where you can put the skip bin

Budgetary requirements

How long do you need the skip bin

If skip bins are allowed in your neighbourhood

Once you have determined these things, it will become easy for you to choose the perfect skip bin size. For your rubbish produced from the total remodelling of the kitchen or bathroom, you might want to consider one of our extra-large skips: the 8m³ skip bin.

Green Bins 2m3

What is a 8m³ skip bin?

What is a 8m³ skip bin?

This extra-large skip bin with dimensions of 3.7 meters in length,1.5 meters in width, and 1.3 meters in height, can easily fit everything from a detached toilet bowl to a large kitchen table. One 8m³ skip bin can hold up to 32-56 wheelie bins or 8 trailers. This extra-large skip bin is perfect for those big projects like full kitchen or bath replacements. With an 8 cubic meter skip bin, you can collect a huge volume of rubbish without having to worry about the mess during collection or the hassle of disposing of it.

Reasons to hire an 8m³ skip bin for your next project

Reasons to hire an 8m³ skip bin for your next project

If you're a person in the renovation, construction, and building industry or a homeowner that cares for your community, one of your most important tasks is to keep the surroundings clean and the people safe. You can guarantee this by keeping the rubbish away from the working area. With this, you may consider hiring an 8 cubic meter skip in Adelaide to help you collect and manage your rubbish. And here are some ways you can utilise this extra-large skip bin for residential, commercial, or industrial use:

It’s great for large-scale renovations and decluttering

Tired of dealing with the mess of renovations? Make it easy with an 8m³ skip bin size! Large-scale renovations can produce a lot of rubbish. This includes discarded tiles and bricks, metals, old sinks, and crushed concrete. Large-scale decluttering also results in the accumulation of unrepairable devices and appliances, extra furniture, broken things, rusty wares and other residential rubbish that eats so much space in your home. These heavy and hard wastes are best disposed of in skip bins that can hold large amounts of waste. Enjoy a clutter- and rubbish-free space with 8 cubic meter skips!

Perfect for corporate clear-outs

Chairs, cubicles, and other office appliances that can’t fit in your garage or next office location can be a bugger when you are clearing out your old workspace. Again, your goal is to dispose of as much as possible to avoid clutter and unwanted rubbish in your new place. The huge capacity of the 8m³ skip fits all of your office wastes and ensures that these wastes are segregated properly for recycling and upcycling purposes.

It’s time and energy savvy

These extra-large skip bins save you multiple trips to landfill and recycling facilities. For busy persons with extra-tight schedules, hiring extra-large bins compared to smaller ones is more efficient because they allow them to collect all that needs to go, all that needs to be recycled, and all that needs to be dumped in one bin. It also allows the segregation of waste given that you can fit multiple boxes or bags in this bin and organise your waste. Extra-large bins for extra-busy people!

Share it with your neighbours!

You can share these extra-large bins with your neighbour to collect all your waste and rubbish in one area. The 8m³ skip bin is the most energy-smart way to dispose of household rubbish. It can be used for a wide range of waste and will help with recycling efforts in your community. Make sure to lay down the rules about proper skip bin usage and place the skip bin where you and your neighbours can easily access it for a more organised shared set-up.

It's excellent for industrial use

Large businesses produce large volumes of waste regularly. It is essential for these industries to properly manage their waste because what they produce can cause large-scale impacts on our environment. If you run a large business, the cheapest and most efficient way to dispose of and recycle industrial waste is by hiring extra-large skip bins like 8 cubic meter skips in Adelaide. Not only will it lessen the threat of pollution but also ensures that all your wastes are sorted and recycled.

3 ways to organise your waste in an extra-large skip bin

3 ways to organise your waste in an extra-large skip bin

While you know for a fact that hiring skip bins also include other services such as collection and segregation, it would still make a difference if you know how to maximise the usage and space of skip bins. You can do this by organising your waste accordingly in that one extra-large skip bin. Organising your waste ensures that you're getting your money's worth in hiring a skip bin because it allows the bin to be efficiently occupied.

With that, here are 3 ways how to organise your waste for maximum skip bin functionality:

Use dividers

It can be an old carton, a cut-up box, or a spare plywood. You can also put different wastes in different used boxes. By doing so, you can snuggly fit the boxes in the bin and make use of all the space possible. Dividers are great for mixed rubbish like general waste, which often includes green waste and furniture, and some construction waste.

Bag them up

The easiest and most effective way to organise your bin is by bagging things up. Bagging up smaller and loose items lessens the space they take in the bin and makes sure that they don’t roll around your bin. It is also an effective way to dispose of powdered or crushed materials that cause the formation of dust which may induce health-related concerns when inhaled.

Stack up boxes or bags neatly

When it comes to skip bins, you can use the space more efficiently by stacking up the boxes and bags. Maximise the horizontal and vertical spaces of the skip bin by placing bigger items at the bottom and smaller ones on top. This will give you more space on the upper portion which allows you to squeeze the bags in between the smaller boxes or in the corners of the skip bin. Moreover, organising your rubbish neatly by stacking them up calls for a better view of your skip bins especially if you have visiting family or friends. Avoid seeing unsightly and overflowing skips by doing this.

Separate based on breakability

It's smart to label and tuck away the rubbish that can easily be broken or can produce sharp edges when dropped or broken. Glassware can be recycled when processed in recycling facilities, but it shouldn’t be classified as recyclable when organising your rubbish. They should be handled properly and with care. Putting these materials in the deepest sides of the bin and securing them with waste paper will protect the disposal and recycling employees from unwarranted incidents.

Hire 8m³ Skip Bin Adelaide

Hesitant to hire large skip bins? Don’t be! Larger bins cost more but benefit you more in the larger picture. They eliminate the problem of overflowing rubbish and keep them secure. They also allow you to get rid of bulky items in your space that you don’t know where to dispose of. Extra-large skip bins offer large waste disposal solutions for all of your construction, renovation and demolition projects, whether it's for a small apartment or multi-level office block. Making the most of your time and energy can be challenging, but with a larger skip bin, you're making smarter decisions. And as for the skip bin provider, there is no better choice than Green Skip Bins. Hiring an 8m³ skip bin in Adelaide from Green Skip Bins is an ideal solution for bulk waste disposal. We are known to be the best provider of skip bins in the area, servicing over hundreds of commercial establishments and residential areas. Regardless of the amount of rubbish you produce, we offer various skip bin sizes for all purposes. Our hassle-free pick-up and drop-off services make it even easier to get your project done quickly and easily.

Larger bins, smaller problems! Say goodbye to cluttered, overflowing bins, and inefficient waste disposal! Make it possible with Green Skip Bins! Talk to us to know more about our skip bin services.

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