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All You Need to Know About Green Waste Types

All You Need to Know About Green Waste Types

We take rubbish disposal and rubbish management seriously. If you're planning a garden makeover, we suggest you use a skip bin to dispose of the resulting waste or read 5 Things to Remember When Using a Skip Bin to know how using skips affects your garden waste disposal.

Green waste skips, along with general waste skips, mixed heavy skips, hard fill skips and waste fill skips, provide a convenient way for rubbish removal. You may have read in our other article that green waste can go in general waste skips as long as it is not heavy; however, some unwanted rubbish cannot be classified as green waste even if it comes from your garden.

If you have heaps of garden refuse after your garden makeover, the most sustainable way to remove them is by using green waste skips. The best way to deal with your green waste and other types of rubbish is to seek help from a reliable skip bin hire provider.

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What Can Go in Green Waste Skips

What Can Go in Green Waste Skips

Proper rubbish management requires you to be responsible and aware of what kind of rubbish goes into a specific type of skip bin, as rubbish segregation goes beyond separating plastic from metal and rocks. Green waste skips, for example, are an essential tool for landscaping or garden clearance projects.

Knowing how to classify green waste from other types of refuse and being responsible for how you dispose of your rubbish are signs of positive contribution to proper waste management. If you are not aware of what is classified as green waste and what doesn't, Green Skip Bins is here for you. Below is a list of green waste materials that can go in our green waste skips:

Grass clippings

Grass clippings are the grasses you usually leave behind after cutting your lawn. They are good examples of compostable refuse from your garden. You can throw grass clippings with other unwanted garden rubbish in our green waste skips.

Small branches

Small branches or twigs can also go into green waste skips. If you do not want to worry about driving to a recycling centre and just want a quick way to dispose of the small tree branches, hiring skip bins Adelaide is your most environment-friendly option.

Bark chips

Bark chips also count as green waste. If you have done a bit of gardening here and there and see a pile of small, light timber pieces like bark chips, include them with your other green waste to be placed in the green waste skips.


Weeds are considered green waste and must go to the green waste skips. If you want to make your next garden clean-up simple and efficient, consider getting our green waste skips for easy disposal of your weeds.

Tree trunks

Tree trunks need to be disposed of in green waste skips. If you produce a large volume of garden waste, such as tree trunks, hiring a skip bin, specifically our green waste skip, will save you time and effort, but more importantly, help the environment.

Untreated timber

Untreated timber can go to green waste skips. Remember that the timber waste needs to be untreated to be recycled. We need to specify this requirement to avoid harmful chemicals that may affect other types of green waste in the same skips.

What Cant Go in Green Waste Skips

What Can’t Go in Green Waste Skips

What Can’t Go in Green Waste Skips

If your garden needs some trimming, clearing and landscaping, you can put the grass clippings, branches, weeds and other unwanted rubbish in the green waste skips to ensure they are disposed of properly. But as mentioned, there are other types of garden refuse that cannot be classified as green waste even if they come from your garden. If you want to know what waste you can't mix in these skips, check out the guide below:

  • No soil/dirt
  • No concrete/bricks/tiles
  • No liquid waste
  • No food waste
  • No concrete/bricks/tiles
  • No asbestos
  • No household waste

You might be wondering why soil or dirt is not included in the list of waste that goes into green waste skips, and that's because it should go in waste fill skips.

Providing Environmentally-Conscious Waste Management Solutions

Providing Environmentally-Conscious Waste Management Solutions

We would like to emphasise that we do not speak for other skip bin hire providers in Adelaide. This means that what you can put in our green waste skip might be different from what other providers allow.

As a trusted skip bin hire provider for years, Green Skip Bins Adelaide is passionate about rubbish. We aim to implement environmentally-conscious waste management by offering our clients green waste skips for their green waste materials.

We believe that if locals understand the different types of skips and what each skip is for, they will be encouraged to dispose of their rubbish efficiently and legally. And with our green waste skips, we aim to strengthen the focus on clean and green rubbish removal in an ethical and environment-friendly manner. Contact us for enquiries or other information about waste and skip bin types.


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