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All You Need to Know About Hard Fill Waste Types

All You Need to Know About Hard Fill Waste Types

Hard fill skips are typically used for construction companies or worksites because they are meant for the disposal of heavy materials, specifically hard fill waste.

Construction projects, site clearance, home renovations and road works produce a mixture of waste materials, few of which can be recycled and repurposed. The ultimate goal of classifying waste that can go into hard fill skips is to help construction companies or properties with construction projects manage their waste quickly and efficiently. In this article, you will learn what hard fill is comprised of and what types of waste can't be placed in our hard fill skips.

Waste Types For Hard Fill Skips

What Can Go in Hard Fill Skips

What Can Go in Hard Fill Skips

If household and light construction wastes can go in the general waste skips, and the same types of wastes plus concrete/bricks/tiles and synthetic turf can go in the mixed heavy skips, only hard fill can go in the hard fill skips. Hard fill materials include concrete, bricks, tiles and rocks commonly abandoned after a construction project. As such, they should not be mixed with or contaminated by any other form of waste.


Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials and also one of the top contributors to solid waste that occupies landfills. Disposing of concrete waste materials in the hard fill skips will help increase the efforts on recycling.


Bricks are another type of heavy, solid waste found in construction sites. Due to their heavy weight, these waste materials must be disposed of separately in hard fill skips to help reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.


Rocks excavated during renovations, clean-ups, gardening and big construction projects belong to the hard fill skips. If you want to dispose of these waste materials easily and effectively, use hard fill skips.


Tiles are hard fill wastes from building sites and land clearing. You can safely remove unwanted or broken tiles after construction or renovation projects by placing them in hard fill skips. They may be lighter than concrete and rocks, but tiles must be separated from general rubbish or green waste.

What Cant Go in Green Waste Skips

What Can’t Go in Hard Fill Skips

What Can’t Go in Hard Fill Skips

Like other types of skips, you can only place certain waste materials in our hard fill skips, which are hard fill wastes and nothing else. This means hard fill cannot be mixed with household waste, soil, green waste, furniture and appliances, and metal or steel, as these can go to their respective skips. If you want to know what other unwanted rubbish can’t go in our hard fill skips, check out the list below:

  • No soil / dirt
  • No liquid waste
  • No food waste
  • No general waste
  • No green waste
  • No asbestos

The Importance of Proper Construction Waste Management

The Importance of Proper Construction Waste Management

According to the Waste Account, Australia, Experimental Estimates article of the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2020, “Australia generated 76 million tonnes of waste, a 10% increase since 2016-17,” while “the construction industry spent the most on waste services ($2 billion), 35% increase since 2016-17.

The statistics show that the amount of waste Australia produces continues to increase and that homes and businesses should focus on proper rubbish disposal and management. Learning how to manage waste responsibly and efficiently is the need of the hour. With construction waste as a top occupant in landfills, concrete, bricks, rocks and tiles must be placed in hard fill skips, not only because it's where they belong, but because it ensures that this waste will have a chance to be recycled and upcycled.

As a trusted skip bin hire provider, our role in the community is to encourage people to dispose of their waste separately and properly by offering smooth and efficient delivery and pick-up of our skips. Our skip bin hire services benefit anyone who needs to dispose of waste in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

Remember that more fees can apply if certain materials and types of waste are mixed or mixed incorrectly. Green Skip Bins can ensure that your hard fill waste is disposed of quickly, efficiently and responsibly. Contact us for reliable skip bins for hire, specifically for hard fill skips in Adelaide.


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